Meet Travis Scholl


702-232-5376 | | NRED LIC. # S 69556

Travis Scholl’s multifaceted background and expertise make him a valuable member of The Stark Team, specializing as a Buyer’s Agent and High Rise Specialist. His in-depth knowledge of high-rise condos, including amenities, HOA rules, leasing policies, and rental dynamics, positions him as a go-to resource for clients seeking properties along and near the Las Vegas Strip.

As a Las Vegas native with over four decades of witnessing the city’s expansion, Travis brings a unique perspective to his role. His commitment to providing attentive, knowledgeable, and discreet service reflects his passion for assisting clients in finding the best properties that match their needs, whether in luxury high-rise condos, Lake Las Vegas, or Anthem Country Club.

Travis’s personal real estate journey, starting with the purchase of his first condominium in Summerlin at 22, showcases his creative approach to real estate investment. His ability to leverage opportunities, like utilizing a Nehemiah grant program, exemplifies his resourcefulness.

Transitioning from a successful 12-year career at the MGM Hotel & Casino, Travis’s decision to enter real estate aligns with his dedication to excellence. His 25 years of martial arts study, including Krav Maga and Contact Combat Systems, speaks to his discipline and commitment. Being one of the few Certified CCS instructors in the United States underscores his expertise.

The skills honed in the gaming and martial arts industries, including intense focus, creative energy, business acumen, and strong interaction skills, now serve Travis’s real estate clients effectively. He plays a crucial role in The Stark Team, offering expert knowledge, dedication, and determined focus to help clients find their ideal properties and investments.