Meet June Stark


702-376-5220 |  NRED LIC. # BS 4430

June Stark’s impressive journey from a mathematics graduate working for major corporations in NYC to a seasoned real estate professional in Las Vegas is truly noteworthy. Her extensive experience as a Programmer/Analyst for entities like the Port of NY Authority, Lever Brothers, and the United Nations speaks to her analytical skills and professionalism.

June’s pivotal role as a systems analyst/programmer for Summa Corporation, handling financial reporting and forecasting for Howard Hughes’ holdings (which included all the land that has since been developed into the Summerlin Masterplan), showcases her integral part in the development of Nevada real estate.

As a veteran in the Las Vegas real estate market for over 27 years, June Stark is not only a top broker-salesperson, but also has been recognized for her profound industry knowledge and historical insights into Las Vegas’ development. Her reputation as a real estate connoisseur is well-deserved, distinguishing her among both clients and peers.

June’s specialization in representing unique and spectacular real estate in Las Vegas and Henderson further emphasizes her dedication to serving discerning buyers and sellers. Her long-term relationships with developers and new home builders contribute to her expert insight into the luxury real estate market.

Clients working with June and her team benefit from not only her analytical background but also her commitment to care, courtesy, and confidentiality. The emphasis on serving the most discriminating clients underscores the team’s dedication to providing a high level of service in the competitive Las Vegas real estate landscape.