Henderson Real Estate Musings During the Covid 19 Shut Down

The Stark Team

by Travis Scholl

As we are now at the end of April 2020, many of us have been on lockdown in our homes since mid to late March.   While this stay at home order has had it’s introspective moments and helped many to appreciate what they have without constantly yearning for more, it also can be rather boring at times.  Living in Henderson there are many places that I am beginning to miss. 

Sushi & Coffee

They are some of the most enjoyable locations to visit here in the Southern section of the Las Vegas Valley.   Two of the local businesses that have remained open for curbside service are I Love Sushi and Dark Moon Coffee Roasters on the corner of  Eastern and Sunridge Heights.   Delicious Sushi &  Japanese Cuisine as well as Incredible Coffee / Espresso Drinks are just two of the good things in Life. 

That I am thankful I still have access to.  It just so happens that these two businesses are located right next door to each other which makes it all the more convenient.   I Love Sushi staff are meeting Customers just inside the front door and have been wearing masks & gloves to be extra cautious.  Next door at Dark Moon they have a register set up just inside the doorway with a plastic partition in front of it.  There people can order amazing Coffee & Tea Drinks as well as an impressive selection of Beers from Craft Breweries that cannot be found in a Supermarket.

Convenience of the Eastern/Anthem Corridor

 The constant cooking and cleaning can be monotonous and it’s nice to take a break and order some food from a local business to help support them and take a moment from loading & unloading the dishwasher.  In the stretch of road between Anthem and the 215 Beltway, there are so many great restaurants and bars located on Eastern that have had to close shop during this pandemic.  

Born & Raised

One of the places that I am most looking forward to hanging out at is Born and Raised on the corner of Eastern and St. Rose Parkway.  Born and Raised is a Bar / Lounge themed after the history of Las Vegas with one of the best Kitchens in Town serving up delectable food and drinks 24 hours a day.  With the success of the Vegas Golden Knights NHL Team, Born and Raised is one of the best places to watch the hometown hockey team.   There is a wall that is floor to ceiling flatscreen TV’s and no matter where you sit you are guaranteed a great view of the action.  Many times after working all day,  this the “go to” spot for us to have a drink and order some food from the friendly staff of waiters and bartenders within.

Certain places just resonate with people based on the decor / ambience and the music that is played there.  For me, Born and Raised,  just hits all of those notes and I can’t wait to stop by once it has re-opened for business.  

Rounders Pub & The M Resort

Another local spot here in Henderson is the Rounders Pub located on Volunteer and Executive Airport Road.  This is another great location for watching Sports and having a Drink as the Bar area is very spacious and has electronic darts / shuffleboard in the back.   There are 2 Rounders locations surrounding the community of Inspirada and this one just happens to sit between Anthem and the M Resort.   Since I mentioned it, the M Resort is one of my favorite places to play year round.   From the Virtual Top Golf experience to the many lounges and restaurants, the M Resort is always a good time. 

Green Valley Ranch

 While we are on the subject of Casinos and Resorts I have to give props to the Green Valley Ranch.  Once again this is one of the best things about living in Henderson as the Green Valley Ranch really has it all.  From Gambling to Dining the GVR really can’t be beat on our side of town and it even has an outdoor Shopping District with even more restaurants and bars with outdoor ambiance that makes every day a good day when spending time walking around this destination. 

Honorable mention to a few others : Hiroba Sushi, Munch Box, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf both on Horizon Ridge and inside the District @ GVR and the New Sierra Gold on Eastern.

I look forward to visiting all of these great local businesses once again soon !

 Well, these are just a handful of some of the great places I really look forward to once it is safe for us to get back to life outside of the House.  I’m sure that there will be those who feel like it is too soon no matter if it’s May / June or even 2021 for that matter.  With a new perspective on cleanliness and hygiene I think it is possible for many to enjoy local restaurants and businesses once again and for those who need more time that’s fine too.  It’s going to be a matter of what makes people feel comfortable from here on out and I’m sure I will have some apprehension as well but living in fear for too long can be just as dangerous it seems.   

Below are some homes for sale in the zipcodes that are close to the above favorite spots!

Enjoy Browsing & Be Well!

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