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There are so many conveniences right outside the Anthem Country Club Gates.  Like to Work Out?  

6 Favorite Las Vegas & Henderson Gyms by Travis Scholl  – Native Las Vegan and Henderson Luxury Real Estate Agent


As a 20+ Year Veteran in the practice of Martial Arts here in Las Vegas & Henderson combined I have had the opportunity to train at some of the best Gyms in the Valley and work with the excellent Instructors they provide. Currently living in Anthem Country Club here in Henderson I have seen an increase in the amount of quality Schools popping up in the area due to the increase in population over the last 2 years or so.

Just on Eastern Avenue there are a number of places to get quality instruction in a variety of styles that can suit everyone from the casual practitioner to the more serious individuals looking to compete.

1.  Just outside of Anthem Seven Hills in the same plaza as The Stove Restaurant is a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu School headed by Team Mica of Las Vegas. From my understanding Team Mica has an extensive Judo background which only helps to make their ground game all the more effective.

2.  In the next business plaza by Capriotti’s (yes I relate locations to Food) is the Las Vegas Kung-Fu Academy. This School teaches both traditional and more progressive styles of Chinese Kung-Fu with influences from Kali and Silat. They have an outstanding Kids program that offers Summer Camps and other Fun things for younger students.

3. The next block North by another great food spot Craft Kitchen is another Gracie Jiu-Jitsu School this one under the banner of Carlson Gracie Jr. and his methodology of the “gentle art”.  I have met quite a few of the guys who train here over the years and they are super cool while also being very skilled, check this one out if you like to grapple.

4. Further North on Eastern by the 215 Beltway is another Kung-Fu School by EOS gym.
This School sits in the former location of the Krav Maga School I used to train and teach at for a while.  From my research the Instructor here is well versed in traditional Kung-Fu and it’s history which is taught here. Methods of Tai-Chi and internal Kung-Fu which are excellent for health and longevity can be mastered over time to lead to a healthy life.

5. Dunham Jiu-Jitsu on Maryland Parkway and Pebble is Owned and operated by Evan Dunham who is a UFC Fighter and Jiu-Jitsu competitor. From what I have seen of his students at various Grappling competitions such as NAGA, the students who come from Dunham’s school are well versed and skilled in all aspects of grappling. Having seen Evan around town and his interactions with people he seems like a very nice guy.

6. Last but not least, is The Pit 702 in the parking lot of Sunset Station just off the 95 and Sunset. This gym offers both stand up sparring and grappling / jiu-jitsu in the Kempo classes and also fitness / strength & conditioning in the CrossFit program (named due to it’s influence from Crossfit methodology) I find it difficult to find a School offering both stand up fighting and grappling / BJJ and this place has a nice combination of both. Eric Umali the head instructor is a Student of John Hackelman (Chuck Liddell’s Coach from UFC Hall of Fame) and he teaches both the Kids and Adult programs wit the help of his qualified staff.

Any of these businesses can be found on Yelp and I recommend reading the reviews and even stopping by in person to get a feel for the school before committing. Train Hard, Train Safe !

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